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Hidden Histories: Deaf Lives Ireland

November 2010 - December 2012:

Funding by: EU Grundtvig programme

The University of Sussex leads this, with partners in Ireland (Centre for Deaf Studies, TCD), Austria and Finland. The project focuses on the creation of digital archives of community experiences in rural, nomadic, and Deaf communities.

A key objective of this project is to increase the participation in lifelong learning of marginalised and disadvantaged groups and, as a result of this participation to increase their engagement with civic society and learning.

The Centre for Deaf Studies (CDS) is partnering with the Centre for Community Engagement (CCE) of the University of Sussex and focussing on the Deaf communities. While CCE is centring on the educational experiences of three schools by Deaf people in Sussex, CDS is aiming to build up a respoistory of lived experiences of Deaf people across Ireland.

CDS had recruited six interviewers within the Deaf community. Each interviewer interviewed three or four respondents. The interviews are linked to the themes in relation to the lived experiences of Deaf people.

The videoclips can be seen on the list by clicking the 'Browse Collections' box. Each clip is to be followed by a written transcript (which is still ongoing).

Apart from building up the archives, interview materials shall be reused for other purposes such as linguistic research and preparatory materials for in-class activities.

Dr. John Bosco Conama

Project Coordinator