Caroline Hickey - Arrangements of meeting friends in the past and at present


Caroline Hickey - Arrangements of meeting friends in the past and at present



McLaughlin, Michelle


Caroline Hickey


Michelle: Tell me do you arrange to meet up with your Deaf friends during the summer holidays or over the Christmas break.

Caroline: I don’t tend to meet up with Deaf people over the Christmas period but I definitely would during the summer. We would make various plans to meet up for day trips or short breaks away together.

Michelle: How would you make arrangements to meet up with Deaf people?

Caroline: Well these days it is all through text messages or email when making plans.

Michelle: What about when you were younger?

Caroline: We would have prearrangement our meetings face to face we would agree to meet at a certain place. Under Cleary’s clock in Dublin was a very popular landmark to meet up with friends. Meet up there and then decide what to do or where to go for the evening.

Michelle: I see so you would have a specific time and location already agreed.

Caroline: Exactly once you made the plan’s say 7 o’clock you knew they would be there under the clock waiting for you.
Michelle: Right (wow) that’s fantastic. What about these days where would you meet up with other Deaf people.

Caroline: I would still travel to the clubs or pubs like before. We would also meet up at various events such as sports days (interrupted).

Michelle: The sports days you just mentioned, where would they be?

Caroline: The sports days well the first one that would come to mind is the Tallaght sports day. Or there is another one held on the grounds of St Josephs school which is organised by the Irish Deaf Society (IDS).

Michelle: Tell me what would encourage you to go to these events, how can I say this take for example the sports day you mentioned what would be the deciding factor for you to go there?

Caroline: Well to be honest I know all my friends and family will be there so we make a day of it and it is always a good day out for everyone.

Michelle: So you know there would be Deaf people there and you want to be there too?

Caroline: Yes that’s right I know there would be Deaf there and I would enjoy meeting up with them.


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